Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is beautiful...

I'm sitting, working on my research paper and am joined by my niece, Violet, who is 3. She patters about the room, barefoot, looking about and chattering to herself and me.
"you have prize for me?" She asks hopefully.
"Nope, not right now." I tell her.
"Oh ok..." She continues to roam about the room and reaches for some of my stuff she can't have. I tell her so and she retracts her hand quickly.
"Um....Here, you can play with my stuffed animals on my bed." This excites her and I set her on my bed and pull out my stuffed animals I still curl up with every night: Mr. Flopps (my bunny I've had since I was her age, caleb broke the wire in his ears by tying them in a knot.) my stuffed hedgehog, and Quantas, my kangaroo.  I went back to writing my research paper but was completely distracted by her quiet play behind me as she acted out an adventure with my animals. Soon she was pointing out to me that my stuffed hedgehog wasn't spiky like my real hedgehog Buttercup. We laughed as she tossed me the stuffed one and I rubbed it against my face, then pretended it poked me.  My mom called me upstairs and asked if I could run to walmart and get some sugar.
"Can I come with you aunt Em?" she asked, and soon we were high-fiving because her mom said yes.
"Can I play a game on your phone?" She asked when I gave it to her to hold. I cringed, and her parents laughed.
"Yeah, I suppose." I told her and we tromped out to my car. I got her buckled into her car-seat and off we went to walmart. When the radio came on it was on a pop station, I quickly changed it to the christian radio station (I wasn't going to fill her ears with junk!)

These are the small moments in life that I cherish. These are the moments where I smile, both on the outside and on the inside. These are the moments that I think about as I fall asleep. These are the moments where I am convinced that life truly is beautiful.

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